As volcanic ash engulf across Europe, Kenya farmers are losing $ 1.3 million a day in flight chaos. Farmers are dumping tones of vegetable and flowers destined to UK.

So far 5000 staff has been laid off, and growers have warned thousands of workers will be told to stay at home if flights didn’t resume by Tuesday. This would deal a serious blow to the country’s economy.

Managing director of AAA Growers in Nairobi Ariff Shamji said they usually ship 10-15 tones of produce every day to different parts of the world and that’s come to a complete halt.

Kenya normally exports up to 500 tons of flowers daily – 97% of which is delivered to Europe. Horticulture earned Kenya 71 billion shillings ($946m) in 2009 and is the country’s top foreign exchange earner.



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