Kenya’s Attorney General Amos Wako has officially published the draft constitution and handed in to President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga, paving way for Kenyans either to approve or reject the proposed laws at referendum due to be held August this year.

Amos Wako said proposed law, published today, is a culmination of more than two decades of the clamor for a new constitutional order and the road to constitutional review has been full of bumps and turns, lives have been lost, tears shed, sacrifices made.

Committee of experts will facilitate civic education for a period of 30 days and involve known state-actors and provincial administration for support.

“No rallies called for purposes of campaigning for or against the draft shall be held within those 30 days to allow effective voter education, it is only after 30 days that we can have real campaigns for Yes and No” he said.

The AG calls on Kenyans to exercise their right and take an active role in shaping history saying no government, no NGO, no religion and no foreign agency can force Kenyans to vote in a particular way.

Kenyans have been urged to read and understand the draft constitution so that they can be less prone to misinformation and to be tolerant and respect for both sides during campaigns.

The two principals’ president Kibaki and PM odinga are in full support of the referendum and called voters to turn in large numbers to vote for the new constitution.

During the 2005 referendum the two principals were on the opposite side of the referendum, in that year the draft constitution was rejected by many Kenyans.


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