Explosion in Mogadishu kills four as Kenyan troops move farther into Somalia

An explosion in Mogadishu today killed at least four people as Kenyan troops continued their offensive against al Shabaab in southern Somalia where locals are fleeing the violence. Mohammed Yusuf reports.

Kenya’s military forces have moved 150 km into southern Somalia and are attacking al-Shabaab bases in the Juba region in response to the wave of kidnappings inside Kenya. Kenyan officials say they want to push al-Shabaab back and secure the border. So far, al-Shabaab fighters have not put up a fight and are retreating from their positions. Thousands of residents of the town of Afmadow have fled their homes for fear of being caught in the fight between the Kenyan troops, Somali forces and al-Shabaab. Farah is one of the Afmadow residents.

“I am on my way to the border between Kenya and Somalia. A helicopter is bombarding the town, so many forces are heading that side, the other group, al-Shabab, is digging trenches and they are saying they are going to fight back and they are telling people to fight alongside them and to defend the country from enemies.”

Meanwhile police officials in Mogadishu say a suicide car bomb exploded near Somalia’s foreign ministry, killing at least four people, and injuring dozens. The blast came as the Kenyan ministers for defense and foreign affairs are in Mogadishu to update Somali government leaders on their offensive near the border.


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